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Skate Basti Foundation is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to building community skateparks to connect and empower youth.

Vision & Commitment

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Skate Basti Foundation is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to build community skateparks to empower youth.


In Hindi, “basti” means crowded area or village. At Skate Basti Foundation, we are creating a community space for young people where they can get come together and get inspired to pursue their dreams.


Our vision is to build and utilize skateparks anchored with art, play and education as the centerpiece to empower young people in underserved communities.

Together we can transform a generation of children by building community projects and programs that impact their development and education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build community skateparks in unconventional spaces that create opportunity for underserved youth and tap into that energy to bring about change at the individual and community levels.


Our Vision

  • Build safe spaces with skateparks as anchors

  • Break regressive barriers of caste and gender biases as we mindfully confront patriarchy, poverty and illiteracy

  • Enable individual growth through various activities organized at the skatepark by volunteer programs that include life lessons and overall character development

  • Create an environment where young girls and boys are encouraged to express their ideas and dreams freely and be empowered to lead and be change agents

  • Recognize raw talent and channel their energy towards constructive outlets

  • Encourage and facilitate the participation of local skaters in state and national championships to be a positive influence in their immediate circles

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Empowering Children through sports, theater and education.

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