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Ramp Revival: A Joyous Celebration of Ramps and New Adventures

Distance truly makes the heart grow fonder, and the recent reunion with Anish Christopher (Kevin), a longstanding collaborator and the original skateboarding coach for the film 'SkateGirl,' was a testament to that adage. Kevin returned to the Desert Dolphin Skatepark for an exhilarating week filled with fun and excitement.

As a coach who had known the kids in Khempur since they first stepped on a board, Kevin played a pivotal role as their first-ever skateboarding instructor. The unique and special bond he shares with the young skateboarders became immediately apparent upon his arrival. Despite a few kids having temporarily abandoned skateboarding due to their work commitments as farmers and other family matters, Kevin's presence reignited their passion for the sport.

Accompanied by his fellow instructor and colleague, Muskaan, found a warm welcome from the local girls. Together with our activities coordinator, Harsh, who served as their de-facto translator, they visited both government and private schools in the area to conduct skateboarding sessions.

The schedule was intense, with two skateboarding sessions each day and school workshops every other day. Beyond coaching, the team also contributed to the park by building ramps and a manny pad. These activities not only enhanced the skateboarding infrastructure but also served as a catalyst for the kids, triggering fond memories and inspiring them to return to the park to create new ones.

The enthusiasm from the schools was palpable, and what made these sessions truly remarkable was the revelation that at least one student from each school was already a regular Desert Dolphin Skateboarder. This sparked curiosity among other kids, prompting them to try skateboarding for the first time.


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